What name do you call your passion?

I have a fire in my soul

I’ve tried to contain for far too long

The passion burns stronger each passing day

Until this fire can no longer be contained


I feel strong
Often misunderstood 
But unshaken nonetheless 

I feel empowered

Courageous even

Although I admit I am weak

I am fragile

I try my best to be meek

Shortcomings, yes

The urge to quit? No.

Torn apart

Yet intricately sewn back together

Shattered, yet made new

This world, though it try

It will not destroy

It will not conquer

It will not subdue

I will fight
I have the will to survive

She’s a dreamer’s dream

Colliding into one

She turns her face to the sun

She throws her cares to the wind

As it caresses her hair

And stimulates her mind

She’s a free spirit you know

She’s one of a kind



City sights

You and I

Night on the town

It’s a beautiful ride 

I enjoy the view 

As I’m looking at you

We got nothing to lose

So baby let’s just cruise